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Bookmarks, notes, stored in the perfect way across all your devices is made to be your homepage, it will load blazingly fast to serve your bookmarks.

A context for every moment

You can easily create contexts to answer any needs. Each context is strictly isolated from each other and has its own categories, folders, and archive.

You can create a context for your everyday use, your work environment, even for family members. That said, you can secure context with a password for sensitive data.

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And many more features


Groups allow opening multiple bookmarks with one click. Groups can contain bookmarks from all categories/folders/archive.


With the command bar you can fuzzy search all of your bookmarks, and execute actions (open groups, switch context, etc ...)


Want to share links? Create a category and share it. Don't want to keep it visible on your home screen? Archive it.

Your data are safe

Your data are safe on and will not leave our servers. No statistics are made, no profiling, no suggestions, no ads. Kipit is the product, you are not. can get your browser's favorites

You can import your browser's favorites within the standard .html format.
Of course, you can export it back from to the same format, which every browser will read.

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